Course details

【Private room × Sofa relaxing ☆ Adult girls party course ☆】 3 H All you can drink All 10 items 4500 yen → 4000 yen

【Private room × Sofa relaxing ☆ Adult girls party course ☆】 3 H All you can drink All 10 items 4500 yen → 4000 yen

4000 yen

  • 10items
  • 3-50persons
All-you-can-drink available

I will call LO 30 minutes before.Regarding charter, we will not accept any other reservations.So, in the case of cancellation of the meeting, we will charge the full cancellation fee at the time of reservation of the charter.Please be forewarned.(We will respond to changes in number until the previous day.)

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Girls' Association Needs 3 Hours After All ☆ With Absolutely Dessert __ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 Private room for up to 8 people ♪ Wai Wai Girls Association! Perfect course for farewell party and various banquets ☆

Course menu

【3 H drink all you can eat + 10 food items】

(We divide 10 items into 6 times and color the table!)

When you arrive, first

"Cheers ~!" "Because I was fine!"

From there to color the table ,,,

◆ Snack

Tortilla chips

Shrimp tip

(Crisp polypoly, the story stretches while reaching out!)

Raw ham

◆ Salada

Colorful vegetable green salad

◆ Carpaccio

Ichigo and salmon carpaccio

◆ Fried

French fries

fried onions

(Deliver delicious food in a luxury mix!

★ ★ ☆ ☆ And the strengths unique to PROVE from here ★ ☆ ★ ☆

◆ Fish

California style seafood plate

(California cuisine made by a full-fledged Italian chef! Seafoods rich in minerals are okay !!)

◆ Meet

New York steak ~ Garlic butter sauce ~

(The main is a steak for rewards that I worked hard for a year ★ ☆)

◆ Main

Tomato and cheese taco rice or chef's whimpest pasta

(Shime is everyone's favorite taco rice, stomach and heart are full!)

◆ sweet

Chef's whimsical sweets

(The last is reworking with a sweet thing, the dessert that is tightened after all is another belly ♪)

All-you-can-drink menu

·draft beer
· Shochu
· Wheat, potatoes, rice varieties
· Cold, heat
· Over 100 species
·Red and white
·Soft drink

2018/12/04 update